Company Profile

Left Mouse Click, Inc. is a privately owned computer consulting company that provides quality services to businesses and independent users.


  • Over years experience in the computer field.
  • Please check out Our Summary of Expertise for more details.

Scope of Work

  • We recommend and evaluate cost-effective solutions for the long term.
  • We provide excellent support and follow-up for our clients.
  • At LEFT MOUSE CLICK we provide the following services: technical advice, training and support for computer servers and workstations; analyzing, recommending and purchasing new software and hardware to meet the business and personal needs for different clients; improving performance, system security, design of networks, servers, workstations, applications and websites. We recommend and keep abreast of best practices.
  • LEFT MOUSE CLICK has advised clients on purchasing new computer equipment and security solutions, implementing disaster recovery plans, installing equipment and training clients (from savvy to computer illiterate) in use of equipment. Customers include medical offices, health care facilities, small and large businesses, lawyers, financial planners, educators, real estate agents, art galleries, dance companies, and many others.
  • Please Contact Us to see what we can do for you.

About the Founder & President

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